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Photo: Danish Energy Agency
Photo: Danish Energy Agency

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Sharing Danish experiences with Egyptian partners for ambitious green transition

The green ambitions are serious business in Egypt. With yearly CO2 emissions more than 5 times bigger than the Danish emissions and a goal of achieving 43 percent renewable energy in the electricity consumption in 2035, the government of Egypt is on a mission for a sustainable development. This week, an Egyptian delegation has visited Denmark for green inspiration from the Danish energy model.

Egypt is the most populous country in North Africa and the Arab region with a population of 100 million people, facing rising energy demand, driven by a rapid growth in population and an expanding economy. During the last twenty years, CO2 emissions in Egypt have more than doubled, and fossil fuels provide 90 percent of the power supply.

On top of an ambitious goal for a greener electricity production, the Egyptian government has set out a strategy, where renewable energy resources are an important tool to increase the national security of supply.

Egypt and Denmark are partnering up to engage in a new strategic energy cooperation, where Danish experiences will inspire the integration of a larger share of renewable energy in the Egyptian energy mix. In 2017, Denmark set world record, when wind energy in average powered 43 percent of the Danish electricity consumption. Hence, Denmark has important experiences on what to do – and what not to do – when integrating large amounts of green energy in the power supply in a cost efficient manner.

First-hand experience with the green transition

This week, a delegation from Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy and affiliated public institutions has been on a study tour around Denmark. The visit was part of the initial preparation phase of the new Strategic Sector Cooperation between Egypt and Denmark.

During the study tour, Egyptian policy makers explored Danish policies and regulations for a green transition. Furthermore, financial opportunities have been uncovered in dialogue with the Danish SDG Investment Fund (including Danida Business Finance) and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. The group also travelled to Jutland to visit VESTAS and Energinet. The interest from the Egyptian participants was immense, looking to understand how Denmark has been able to integrate wind power, combining environmental sustainability, security of supply and affordability.

Visits to Ørsted and DTU Risø Campus emphasized the role of wind power development and power plant flexibility, facing the same challenges as in Egypt. The evaluation and discussions during the study tour will provide the basis for the formulation of the final SSC program and the next steps forward.

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Facts about Denmark’s international bilateral energy cooperation

  • Denmark has more than 40 years of experience in transforming and greening its energy system. The experience that Denmark has acquired through the years now serves as inspiration to countries around the world.
  • Through the Danish Energy Agency, Denmark has energy cooperation with 15 countries; South Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, Mexico, USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Together, we are reimagining energy systems with Danish experience, expertise and innovation.
  • The Strategic Sector Cooperation between Egypt and Denmark is a 3-year partnership running from 2020-2022 between the Danish Energy Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian Ministry for Electricity and Renewable Energy and affiliated institutions.
  • A Sector counsellor have been placed at the Danish Embassy in Cairo and will be the local support and linkage between the Egyptian and Danish partners.

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