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Mexico: The Danish Energy Agency joined a successful workshop in Mexico

News   •   Sep 22, 2015 00:00 CEST

The Danish Energy Agency participated in a workshop in Mexico from the 9th-10th September. The workshop focused on integration of renewable energy in the power system and model based scenario-analyses.

Under the auspices of the Danish–Mexican Government to Government cooperation, the Danish Energy Agency and EA Energy Analyses participated in a two-day workshop about RE-integration and model based scenario analysis in Mexico City on 9th – 10th September 2015.

The participants came from various departments in SENER, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Centro Mario Molina (CMM), World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and National Institute of Ecology (INECC).

The first part of the workshop focussed on the power sector, especially on the Mexican power system and the national development plan developed by SENER – Prodesen – for 2015-2029, and the related challenges. Also the Danish experiences with managing the challenges of integrating high shares of wind into the power system were discussed in relation to planning of the dispatch, pricing and provision of reserves. The discussion of the challenges with wind integration in Mexico focussed on the planning aspects and coordination between new installation of wind capacity and the expansion of the transmission network.

The topic for the second part of the workshop was model based scenario analyses of the power sector with examples from the US, IEA, the Baltic countries, China, Denmark and East Africa. UNAM also presented the ongoing SIMISE project, where UNAM and SENER are jointly developing an integrated model for the energy sector, including natural gas, oil and transportation. SIMISE will also have an interface to a Computable General Equilibrium model (CGE), when it will be put in operation in 2017.

The workshop defined a number of interesting scenarios that could be developed for the Mexican energy sector with focus on expanding the use of renewable energy and on reducing CO2 emissions.

Read more about the Mexican-Danish cooperation here.

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